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In today's Internet era, students' tablet computers, which integrate rich learning resources, smooth 4G calls, healthy and green Internet access, and "1-to-1" personalized auxiliary learning, can better meet students' needs. The student tablet computer is a combination of the above product functions, and can be more convenient to carry and operate.

Children can control the Internet, parents health control;

1. It can filter the bad information and improve the alarm mechanism;

2. It can control the Internet time and regulate the Internet behavior;

3. It can control the content of browsing and protect the safety of Internet;

4. You can view the online records and supervise them anytime and anywhere.

Manage applications, learning tablet is no longer a game tablet;

Set up games or apps to play;

Set the time period that a single app or game can play.

Rich knowledge resources support, truly realize the digital learning resources;

It provides a large number of high-quality resources such as teaching materials, auxiliary reading materials, courseware, books, and test papers over the years. Through digital processing, it becomes an electronic resource that can be easily queried and read. At the same time, it realizes online practice, evaluation and examination. At the same time, the powerful learning resource center is still expanding and improving. Students can browse the latest teaching materials, courseware, reading materials, test questions, etc. at any time, and use the advantages of the powerful resource platform to improve learning quality and academic performance.

Health green website: the safety guard of children's Internet access

The green website with strict and perfect technical filtering standard is the healthy website. The website filtering tablet computer and online control function of students are safe and reliable, and cannot be uninstalled, so as to ensure the online safety of students. At the same time, parents can also submit their own green website, which can be added to the health website library by the administrator through expert review.

Health websites are classified according to learning, music, games, etc. students can browse websites according to the management and control of their parents. Parents can learn about their children's learning through the visit ranking of health websites that we have calculated. At the same time, they can also learn about the general online access of children of the same age, understand their thoughts, and customize more suitable growth and education programs for their children 。


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