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Hospital Sickbed Terminal

Improve the inpatient experience and assist the medical staff to provide all-round care

We are committed to improving the quality of inpatient services and communication between doctors, nurses and patients through smart tablet computers, so as to provide patients with an undisturbed and convenient environment.

Bedside medical tablet solution integrates bedside terminal and nursing call system. Empower healthcare administrators to increase overall operational efficiency and improve the experience of each patient.

1. Improve the inpatient experience; instant messaging tools, medical information and entertainment content;

2. The ergonomic multi in one bedside nursing system can provide interactive patient care;

3. Link diagnosis and physical examination to inpatient medical information and reports;

4. Close connection with nursing station to ensure the physical and mental health of patients;

5. Bedside medical tablet call system shortens the response time to patients;

6. It enables medical staff to monitor ward conditions or receive abnormal event warnings from the central control of the nursing station;

7. Peer to peer communication, video communication, and data transmission with other NFC devices.

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