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Glucose Meter Terminal

Mobile blood glucose meter allows you to pay attention to your health anytime and anywhere. Huayi Chuang mobile blood glucose meter is accurate in measurement, small in size, with unlimited capacity, which is not easy to lose. It can also generate a variety of icons and curves, making your life better.

1. Mobile phone blood glucose meter is a more professional blood glucose Butler; real-time targeted blood glucose analysis and suggestions, to provide you with diet, exercise, monitoring guidance, to manage your blood sugar;

2. The measurement results are stored in the cloud, real-time wechat notification, blood glucose data sharing;

3. Micro blood collection, almost painless, with a very fine needle, only 0.6 μ l blood sample is needed to complete the blood glucose detection, automatic siphon blood collection;

4. The mobile blood glucose meter is easy to operate, friendly interface, intuitive results, and real-time solution after blood glucose measurement.

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