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Sewing MachineTablet PC

The sewing machine tablet provides a variety of operation panels for the user to choose from, respectively providing different sizes of tablets, such as: 5 inch / 7 inch / 10 inch and other different sizes, to meet the high, medium and low-end needs of sewing machine tablet customization. Provide pattern data input and output interface, use universal USB interface mode. At the same time, we can provide customized design according to the special needs of customers.

Features of sewing machine tablet:

1. LCD display, touch operation, intuitive operation, fast and convenient;

2. The simple operation panel adopts the form of easy to understand icon button;

2. Easy to operate, with good handle;

3. Support u disk to import patterns and complete diversified sewing operations;

4. High performance hardware platform, advanced operating system, supporting multi task processing;

5. Multi language support

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