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Disposable Sterile Medical Latex Examination Glove ALL SIZES


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Quick Details
Properties:Medical Materials & AccessoriesPlace of Origin:China
Brand Name:AdreamertechModel Number:OEM
Instrument classification:Class IApplication:Dressings and Care For Materials
Name:Disposable Latex exam glovesColor:Natural white
Type:Powdered/powder-free, non-sterileMaterial:100% natural rubber latex
Size:ALL SIZES Durability, in original package:Min 5 years
Storage:protect from heat, humidity, strong light and ozone

       Disposable latex gloves, split-surface latex gloves, and hemp-faced latex gloves are made of high-quality natural latex and other additives using a special powder-free process. The product is non-toxic and harmless; has good tensile strength and is attached. Good sex and flexible use. It is divided into the following three levels:

First, powdered disposable latex gloves, which are mostly used in the food industry, need to be added during the production process to prevent the gloves from sticking together, for easy wearing. It is important to note that corn flour is good or bad. We use food grade corn flour, otherwise it will be bad for users and serviced customers;

       The second is powder-free disposable latex gloves, which are mostly used in the electronics and medical industries. Because the powders are just produced, they are powder-free, and they are powder-free latex gloves that have been processed and washed with water

       Third, it is mostly used in precision electronics and medical industries to purify disposable latex gloves. It is made of powder-free latex gloves that have been washed with water and then cleaned again with chlorine.

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