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OEM products
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  • Mobile tablet
  • Education tablet
  • Smart home
  • Medical tablet
  • Order tablet
  • Financial tablet
  • Industrial tablet
  • sport control
  • intelligent old-age care
  • Smart mobile terminal
  • Special for hospital wards, wall-mounted bedside intelligent display terminal, 10.1-inch medical tablet computer
  • The hand-held medical tablet is mainly used by medical staff. It can know the schedule of other medical staff and medical information of patients in time, improve work efficiency, and treat patients in time.
  • Adreamer specializes in R&D and production of medical tablet computers for the medical industry. The products include handheld medical tablet computers, wall-mounted smart display terminals, and embedded all-in-one computers.
  • Specializing in the production and sales of smart home tablet computers, Linux system smart display terminals,
  • Super-sized 14-inch tablet computer manufacturer, tablet computer for smart elderly people
  • Specializing in the production of 5.5-inch Android intelligent POS manufacturers
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