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Medical tablet
Mobile medical tablet

The handheld medical tablet connects to the intelligent control center of the hospital and integrates real-time information about medical staff, patients, mobile devices and instruments of the hospital.

The automatic data link between the handheld medical tablet and the ward realizes information transparency: it can manage the schedule of medical staff, the medical information of patients, the availability and distribution of beds, ward call, mobile medical device tracking, etc.

1. The electronic display screen has information transparency, real-time and high interactivity;

2. To achieve high efficiency of staff: it can save the mobile time between ward and nursing station; the location of mobile medical equipment is transparent for shift handover; timely response to ward calls;

3. Digital system: the ward call can be sent from the patient side to any equipment required by the hospital;

4. It can view the work shift information, medical information, drugs provided by nurses in each ward and the nursing specified by doctors on the mobile device;

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